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ACMST aims to prepare future leaders in various fields of human knowledge by enriching and developing their intelligence, through creative methods and technologies as well as equipping them with the tools needed to help them pave their way towards a successful and fulfilling Careers.

اعلان هام

أبنائنا الطلاب، نحيطكم علماً بأن الكلية بكامل طاقمها الإداري تعمل على التجهيز لمزاولة النشاط الأكاديمي، وذلك بصياغة و دراسة الإجراءات المناسبة لضمان توفر الشروط الصحية تماشيا مع توجيهات الدولة، وإستعداداً الإستئناف الدراسة حال إعلانها من الجهات المختصة

Learn From The Best!

Teachers and educators in ACMST are renowned researchers and have acquired their previous experiences from reputable Sudanese higher educational institutions and whose main  job is to help you prepare for the challenging and exciting times ahead of you in your career path.

Technologically Based Education

Technological Advances have altered the way we live as well as the way we learn new information and skills, especially in the Scientific spheres. Health Sciences and Human Medicine have improved immensely and continue to do so simultaneously with the arising challenges and health needs of Societies, which is why we have incorporated the newest of technologies in our educational systems to graduate a generation capable of making further advances which would benefit the human race.  

Welcoming Environment

At ACMST we seek to build an inviting, positive, supportive and comfortable campus environment, by creating an inclusive and friendly community, where students from all backgrounds can feel included, safe and welcomed. where they can comfortably and openly express their personalities, grow and evolve as effective human beings hence they are able to lead an accomplishment filled lives and have fulfilling careers.

Our first and foremost concern is the student's well-being, due to how it greatly affects his or her performance as a student as well as a member of the community they belong to. So we try to provide a safe haven for students where they can unload their issues and focus on their studies, although this is challenging sometimes but the end is more valuable.
Nisreen Abu-Kashawa
Student Affairs Dep. Manager
As a registrar I'm responsible for overseeing the registration process and handling student's records, which puts me in a position where I'm required to not only deal with students but also their relatives which needs a degree of wisdom and tolerance and as a maxim I seek to always have nobody leaves my office frowning or with a problem unsolved.
Hiba El-Tayib Atta-Allah

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