ACMST's Admission and Students Affairs Department

This Department was established in 2016, and is considered the bank of information that feeds the various college  departments with the necessary information; to serve the academic and educational process at the ACMST, it is the link that connects the students to the college, it is where the student starts the first steps of his/her academic career, and comes out of it carrying his documents of graduation and his/her testaments, and the Department is keen to keep up with technical developments in the computerized registration system, including the development of the service provided to students in cooperation with various college departments.

ACMST's Admission and Students Affairs Department in lines

Provide academic services to students and complete the admission and registration procedures based on modern techniques and usage of advanced electronic means.

Provide adequate academic information about the ACMST’s Programs and specializations, and to provide academic services to students, completion of Admission & Registration using modern technology means, developing and improving the work performance mechanism, simplify the procedures, clarify the rules & regulations and increase awareness of its applications.

  • Work on finding a seat in the college for each student who fulfills the admission requirements.
  • To attract the best high school graduate students to the college.
  • Utilize the efforts to educate the student by study and exams rules & regulations through different means within and outside the college.
  • Documentation of students’ academic registration records and work on constantly updating them electronically.
  • Work on developing and adapting the technology available in the Department so that students can pursue academic affairs from anywhere at any time.
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