Program of B.Sc. (Honors) in Architecture

The importance of engineering specialties is steadily increasing worldwide day after day with special regard to Architecture. Since Sudan is still considered a developing country which lacks the fundamental infrastructure to achieve rapid and sustained Economic and social development thus it aims to obtain the requirements for development by improving and excelling in Engineering Sciences. With this in consideration sprung the importance of sufficiently prepare and equip the workforce in Architectural fields in which enables them to excel in their profession taking into consideration the Technical and Technological as well as the environmental aspects of their countries in their practice. Additionally keep up with the constant global advancements in this field and its impact on the local urbanization.

Here in Sudan we live on the cusp of an Economical renaissance so it is of great vitality to produce human capital with the ability to drive and manage this resurgence, from this notion crystallized the idea of creating this program. This program is the fruit of constant research and contrasting between local and international universities pioneering in this field and was made especially to adapt to the constant changes in Sudan in order to graduate students possessing the knowledge needed to advance our beloved country as well as other places that lies outside of our borders.


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