E- Services

Source-book Service

This service is provided for supervisors in the Library Service Division. It shows them the way of using library catalogs to search for information sources and locate their locations in the library, whether printed or electronic. The division also consists of computers and plug-ins that allow beneficiaries to use the internet services.

Database Service and CD/ ROM

The library has a collection of data bases preserved electronically to enrich library’s information.

Photocopying Service

It allows beneficiaries to photocopy different articles from periodicals and some reference pages.

Internet Service

It is available for free, and for all students and academic staff members. Furthermore, there are 30 computers to allow students and researchers to make research papers and serve various educational purposes.

Community Service

Arising from the library’s faith in its social and educational roles, it always seeks to foster its relations with different educational and cultural institutions by the following tasks:

  • Training students from community colleges.
  • Dedicating and exchanging books as well as hosting and preparing for cultural events.
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