Human Resources Department


To provide qualified human resources, maintain the quality of provided services and achieve an excellent performance.


To achieve ACMST’s vision through providing the college with qualified human resources and promoting the excellence concept.

Goals & Objectives

  1. Attract and select human capital capable of achieving the goals and objectives of the College.
  2. Retention of successful individuals in the selection process.
  3. Achieve workforce stability at ACMST.
  4. Achieve maximum efficiency by driving the workforce to achieve what is required    successfully by: motivating individuals, developing their skills and abilities, teaching new skills, and helping employees to achieve the desired performance.
  5. Promote a regulatory environment that allows for creativity and innovation; spread the   spirit of enthusiasm among all employees at the college.
  6. Develop and consolidate of core values about creativity, innovation and learning through effective leadership, motivation, communication and recognition of achievement and good governance.
  7. Provide opportunities for growth and development, and maturity of scientific and professional knowledge at all organizational, administrative and technical levels.
  8. Enhance productivity and improve the quality of performance.
  9. Encourage the development of a sense of professionalism among workers at all levels.
  10. Promote the competitive position (competitive advantage) of the College by enabling workers scientifically, professionally and ethically.
  11. Achieve equity in pay and incentives, and promote status of all employees.
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