Library & Publications Department

ACMST’s library was established side by side with the installation of the college, at the beginning of the academic year 2016-2017, as a response to the objectives of the college represented by supporting scientific research, backing up syllabuses and serving local community. This can be achieved through providing information for beneficiaries. Arising from the higher administration’s faith in the importance of the library, a highly developed library equipped with required technology was established so it can be one of the leading colleges with computerized systems in Sudan. To keep up with the Information technology development, the library will subscribed to data bases, such as Access pharmacy, Ebrary , EBSCO and SPRINGER, purchased a collection of CD’s, Video tapes and Cassettes. The library provided web search services for free and established one modern computer lab. Believing in the importance of cooperation between libraries, ACMST’s library will dedicate and exchange books with many relevant foundations inside and outside Sudan. Moreover, the library will keen on holding professionally specialized training courses in the Library and Information Science to qualify its staff members, and providing all local community’s foundations with this service. Within its plan to spread knowledge and education, ACMST’s library seeks to boost scientific research and setup an educational infrastructure with the highest standards to prepare a generation of leaders for future and promote community’s knowledge as ACMST’s library don’t look back to imitate its counterparts, but looks forward to be in the lead. Thus an e-library is being prepared in all fields of knowledge, comprising a chosen valuable collection of e-books and e-periodicals

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