Library Scheme

The library consists of 4 buildings. Also, these buildings are well-organized, ventilated, well-lit, and equipped with cooling systems.

  1. Main Library: houses the Technical Service Department which is concerned with supplying, cataloguing and classification, a lobby and Book Dedication and Exchange Unit and one room for silent reading.
  2. Building A Roof Library: it includes one hall, the Library’s administration, the Library’s office, and book loans and returns office.
  3. Building B Roof Library: it has books, 32 study tables.
  4. Electronic Library: it includes the electronic control center, and the electronic library.


    ACMST’s library always intends to reflect many ethical and professional values and bring it inside out as the individual and collective behavior of its personnel, such as discipline, compliance with instructions and regulations, cooperation and respect for them and their opinions. If the library staff are really reliable, the culture of distinction could be established

Our Mechanisms


Distinction in library services, and to ultimately create a suitable scientific research and academic environment for teaching staff, member students and the local community.


Aiding ACMST’s students in their quest for knowledge as well as teaching staff members and facilitate their endeavors in the path of scientific research and knowledge acquisition.

Core Values

  1. Leadership: Achieved by innovation, creativity, excellence and transparency in actions.
  2. Quality: Achieved by improvement, constant development, professionalism and dedication.
  3. Scientific research: Achieved by the constant encouragement and nourishment of our young minds.



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