Specialties and Fees for National Students


Fees (SDG)

Admission Average

Medicine 70,000.0070%
Dental Surgery60,000.0070%
Medical Laboratory Sciences40,000.0065%
Pharmacy 60,000.0070%
Administrative Sciences 15,000.0060%
Architectural Engineering 30,000.0060%
Civil Engineering 30,000.0060%
Electrical Engineering 30,000.0060%
Information Technology 15,000.0060%
Economics, Banking and Financial studies15,000.0060%

Specialties and Fees for International Students


Fees (USD)

Admission Average

Medicine 6,000.0070%
Dental Surgery6,000.0070%
Medical Laboratory Sciences4,000.0060%
Pharmacy 5,500.0070%
Administrative Sciences 2,500.0060%
Architectural Engineering 3,000.0060%
Civil Engineering 3,000.0060%
Electrical & Electronic Engineering 3,000.0060%
Information Technology 2,500.0060%
Economics, Banking and Financial studies2,500.0060%
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