Our Vision  

Prepare future leaders in various fields of human knowledge via Enriching and developing their intelligence through innovative methodologies and technologies in order to produce graduates who are capable of Success and Excellence in Academia as well as in other various fields.


  •   Contribute to the advancement of human intelligence and the development of knowledge.
  •  Prepare specialized graduates in various fields of human knowledge through utilizing modern technologies in the educational process.
  •  Transform the student to play a pioneering and leading role in the community.
  •  Train the student to take on responsibilities and contribute to finding solutions to persistent problems through the use of innovative and creative methods.
  •   Link academic programs and specializations with actual requirements of the surrounding work environment.
  •   Guide research activities to create solutions for persistent problems in surrounding communities.
  •  Teach students to provide community services for the benefit of their communities and demonstrate learned capabilities.


Stemming from the College’s mission, the objectives are as follows:

  • Provide a healthy, balanced and attractive campus environment.
  • Develop students’ creative thinking skills through the optimal use of available resources.
  • Contribute to the local and international development in partnership with the private sector and the communities.
  • Provide academic programs to keep side by side of development and adapt to the needs of development and labor market.

 Core Values

ACMST aims to achieve its vision and mission in accordance with a set of core values that define the College’s identity as an educational institution seeking to advance science, scientific research and strives to create an appropriate environment to achieve the aspirations of its students, the educational body and service our dear society in accordance with a set of values which corresponds to African, Arab, Sudanese and Muslim society, this set includes:

    ACMST seeks to achieve higher social and moral commitment levels in line with the teachings of Islam, Sudanese, Arab customs, inherent traditions and humanity ideals.

 ACMST strives to achieve the highest levels of national belonging and loyalty for its students by strengthening the national spirit and put the public interest above all personal interests.

ACMST adopts a global vision in terms of universal human principles, standards, and seeks positive interaction with all cultures and opens the doors for cooperation with all international universities and research centers of excellence.

  ACMST is seeking to achieve comprehensiveness by the integration of the different forms of knowledge and the expansion of interdisciplinary and research.

 ACMST is committed to high-level of educational standards, always seeking to develop the educational process, scientific research and community service in accordance with the highest levels of quality.

 ACMST encourages creative initiatives and projects in order to achieve excellence concerning teaching, scientific research and community service.

ACMST encourages openness and interaction with others, and confirms its interest in justice, fairness and freedom in both Academic and Non-academic spheres. 


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