A word from the Dean

Prof.Mohammed Galal Mohammed Ahmed

Assalamu Alikum Warahmatu Allah Wabarakatu



On behalf of all the staff and students of AL-Madain College for Medical Sciences & Technology, I’m honored and pleased to welcome you to ACMST’s website.

ACMST provides tremendous opportunities for students to excel and stand out through our forward and a technologically rich environment which foster the ability to grow and learn. In addition to our faculties’ reputable and distinguished Academic staff members who are dedicated to insure you receive the best ACMST can offer to help you pave your path ahead.

In efforts to insure that we place our institution on the map among the most prestigious Higher Educational providers in Sudan and in order to graduate well knowledgeable and equipped students who are capable of contributing to the development and advancement of our country as well as outside our beloved borders in all aspects of life. ACMST’s so far achievements are all attributed to the exerted efforts by those sincere people who have dedicated their time and great expertise to make this College a well-respected institution and as an affirmation, ACMST’s Deanship shall spare no efforts in overcoming any obstacle which may hinder or obstruct the educational process in this institution.

We welcome all students -National and International- who wish to attend and obtain a degree from ACMST and we invite them to explore around the website for additional information on the programs we offer as well as acquaint themselves with our Academic as well as Administrative staff.


Should you need assistance or have any inquiry do not hesitate to contact our staff as they are always willing to help. 

May you reach lofty heights in success and prosperity.

Best of luck..

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